Event Reports


 The AGM took place on Wednesday 8th November 2017 at the West London Synagogue with guest speakers Paula Kitching and Louise Scott who spoke about the role of London’s Jews during the First World War.
(l-r) Laura Marks and Deborah Nathan (new co-chairs), Paula Kitching, Anne Lyons (retiring chair), and Louise Scott.
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“Making a Difference in the World”

  How Jewish charities have had an impact in the wider world

 At our Summer Seminar on July 5th, 2017, a  panel of speakers addressed the current refugee problems in Europe and the UK, and the role of volunteers throughout the world.

Dr Judith Stanton, the new CEO of Tzedek  spoke  about their work, particularly in Africa and India, encouraging  the local residents to  set up small enterprises  and become self-sufficient. Tzedek also sends many volunteers to help with education and social care in the developing world.  

Rebecca Singer of World Jewish Relief showed a film about the history of the organisation, beginning with the Kindertransport, and spoke of   the help they are giving to Jewish communities in the Ukraine.  She also showed pictures of the emergency relief to refugees in Turkey and Greece, and how the families  were supported on their arrival .

Nic Schlagman of West London Synagogue spoke of his own family who arrived in the Kindertransport, which inspired him to work with refugees. He was involved with the African Refugee Development Centre while living in Israel, and described an extraordinary Refugee Seder that he  organized there  with  1,000 refugee guests.

While working with WLS, he has made many visits to Calais with vans of aid for residents of the camps there.  Refugee children without families are a particular concern of his, and the Safe Passage campaign is trying to bring more unaccompanied children to this country. 

There were several questions from members of the audience who wanted to know more about how they could help these unaccompanied refugee children.

Sixth Form Conference for Girls

“Making Your Mark”

22nd March 2017 at Hasmonean High School for Girls 

AJWO’s first Sixth Form Conference for Girls  was attended by 145 students from Hasmonean, JFS, Immanuel and Yavneh High Schools. The event was designed to enable young women to be inspired by other women in the community who have found different ways to use their ‘girl power’ to make a difference. Representatives from a wide range of organisations attended to share their own experiences about how they have made their own mark.

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2016 AGM

2nd November 2016 at West London Synagogue

agm-2016-1(l to r) Anne Lyons, Vivien Freeman, David Assersohn & Helen Reisman.

AJWO 2016 AGM Report

2016 Summer Seminar

 “Life Online – A Blessing or a Curse?”

June 2016 Seminar (l-r): Tony Blake, Kate Newhouse, Helen Reisman, Gerry Temple & Anne Lyons

The Seminar took place on 28th June 2016 at the Spanish & Portuguese Synagogue in London. Anne Lyons, Chairman, welcomed everyone with a brief description of AJWO, and the Seminar continued with a panel of speakers:

Kate Newhouse, CEO of Doctor Care Anywhere is a strategy consultant, specialising in digital transformation in local government and the Health Service. She spoke about the opportunities for patients with similar medical problems to be put in touch online with others in a similar situation, and the benefits of social media in disseminating reports and information among professionals.

Gerry Temple, is a management consultant, and was at PA Consulting Group, implementing high profile IT Projects with multi-million pound budgets.  After retirement he became a mentor to Jewish people seeking to return to work or to embark on new careers. He gave an overview of the different types of social media now in use, their benefits and disadvantages.

Tony Blake, Senior Fraud Prevention Officer at the City of London Police, gave a power point presentation showing how vulnerable we all are to having our credit card details stolen and our identity taken by criminals.

There were many questions from the audience of 65 guests, who were most interested in the discussion. Lunch was then served. A vote of thanks was given by Vivien Freeman, Vice Chairman.


2015 AGM

with Nisa-Nashim, the Jewish Moslem Women’s Network

AJWO 2015 AGM Report

AGM2015(l-r) Helen Reisman, Laura Marks, Julie Siddiqi,  and Anne Lyons.

50th Anniversary Dinner


50thGraphicAsking Jewish women to limit themselves to speaking for just one minute is always a challenge. At the 50th Anniversary Dinner of the Association of Jewish Women’s Organisations, representatives of 10 women’s groups accepted that challenge. Each one brought an object that represented the work of their organisation, including an egg whisk, a wine glass and a padlock, and explained its symbolism in 60 seconds or less. Participants heard brief presentations from the League of Jewish Women, the Movement for Reform Judaism, B’nai B’rith, Jewish Women’s Aid, Liberal Judaism, Paperweight, United Synagogue Women, WIZOuk, the Agunot Campaign and Women in Jewish Leadership.

The guest speaker, Mrs Zehava Taub, wife of the Israeli Ambassador, also followed the theme of the evening, bringing objects from the Embassy to illustrate elements of her diplomatic life representing Israel in the UK.

Over 110 women attended the celebratory dinner at the Central Synagogue to mark the 50th anniversary of the Association of Jewish Women’s Organisations and received a booklet about the organization’s history. The event was chaired by Anne Lyons, the current chairman, and six past AJWO chairmen were in attendance. They were joined by Gwenda Nicholas, president of the National Council of Women, and Elizabeth Harris Sawczenko, Deputy Director of the Council of Christians and Jews.

50th Photo

Shown here (l-r): Louise Freedman, Linda Carr, Anne Lyons, Zehava Taub, Penny Conway, Sandra Harris, Valerie Bello.
Photographer: Fiona Arghebant

“Why Not Pink for a Boy? ”

Our November 2014 Seminar at St Johns Wood Synagogue featured a lively discussion on the topical subject of Gender Stereotyping of Children.

116A panel of three speakers covered different aspects of the subject. Angela Ferreira from the Children’s Media Foundation, had been a producer of children’s television programmes and spoke about the link these days between merchandising, toys and television.

Pat Spungin, who is a child psychologist, stated that there is evidence that boys and girls have different brain connections and thought this could be explained by the way they are socially programmed..

Becky Francis, Professor of Education at Kings College, London, spoke about her research project into the link between the favourite toys chosen by boys and girls and how these toys could train them to think in different ways. All three speakers gave differing views on the Nature versus Nurture debate.

Representatives of the 16 associate organisations that make up AJWO were present, as well as two vice presidents from the National Council of Women. Five sixth-form girls from JFS were among those asking searching questions at the end of the Seminar.


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