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B’nai B’rith Women

B’NAI B’RITH UK is an integral part of B’nai B’rith Europe,  a division of B’nai B’rith International, a global service organisation active in 58 countries, embracing all Jews, irrespective of their religious  and political beliefs.     Its work is wide-ranging and includes the  promotion of human rights, support for Israel, welfare, community outreach, youth, educational, social and cultural activities and it coordinates the European Days  of Jewish Culture and Heritage in the UK.   It provides humanitarian aid to former Eastern bloc states, where it also contributes directly to the re-establishment of Jewish communal life. It is represented with  non-governmental status at the UN and UNESCO. Though most  women’s lodges in the UK have now merged with men’s lodges, women play an importanB'nai B'ritht role in leadership and all aspects of its work.

British Emunah

British Emunah is a world-wide movement of religious Zionist women. Its aims are the strengthening of national religious consciousness both in Israel and abroad. British Emunah has built and maintains a network of kindergartens, day-care centres, community centres, schools (including one for those with special educational needs) and residential homes in Israel. Special emphasis is given to immigrant absorption in all phases of activities. It offers a cultural and educational programme to its members.


Chana supports couples in the Jewish community who may feel isolated and need medical information and guidance to help them deal with the challenges of infertility.

Chana provides support to couples dealing with primary as well as secondary infertility through its helpline, counselling and information events.

To contact Chana, please call 020 8203 8455 or visit



Jewish Women’s Aid

JEWISH WOMEN’S AID is run by Jewish women, for Jewish women and their children affected by domestic violence. JWA runs the only kosher and Shabbat observant refuge in Europe. There is a free, confidential Helpline, open Mon-Thurs 9.30-9.30, 0808 801 0500. JWA offers practical and emotional support, free counselling and a specialist children’s worker. JWA provides specialist education sessions in healthy relationships for schools, and domestic abuse talks and training for the Jewish community.
JWAFreephone Helpline 0800 59 12 03.

League of Jewish Women

THE LEAGUE OF JEWISH WOMEN, founded in 1943, is a voluntary service organisation working within the Jewish and non-Jewish communities in the UK. Voluntary work ranges from hospital and home visits, to working in prisons and running day centres for older people. One of our national projects is a service providing headwear for women who have lost their hair through chemotherapy. Seminars on Health and Social Issues are organised and group visits are arranged to theatres, concerts, exhibitions, gardens and buildings of special interest. We are the UK affiliate of the International Council of Jewish Women.LJW Logo

Liberal Judaism Women

The women’s societies within Liberal Judaism were for many years linked in a Federation for joint religious, charitable and social purposes. More recently, since women have access to all offices and functions within Liberal Judaism they feel it is more consistent to work through the main body of the movement. However, they still value highly their contacts with other women in the community, and Liberal Judaism’s council therefore maintains links with AJWO and with the National Federation of Temple Sisterhoods in tLiberalhe USA.

Masorti Judaism

Our purpose in Masorti Judaism is to support a flourishing network of welcoming, traditional and open-minded Jewish communities across the UK.  Every week, our communities bring people together in meaningful prayer services and connect them with inspirational rabbis. We teach their children, guide them through important life events like bar/bat-mitzvah, marriage and bereavement, and inspire them to deepen their involvement in Jewish life.    masorti_judaism_logo


Paperweight  provides practical help to assist those who find themselves alone and in need of guidance in all manner of paperwork, bureaucracy and domestic administration.  This can include correspondence with banks, taxman, councils, utilities, bills, forms, budgeting, probate, insurance, divorce and legal issues.   We have a proactive approach to debt management and household expenditure and can intervene with creditors to help stabilise a situation.  We can act as advocate and help with documents and if necessary draft in expert opinion. Our aim is to help give our clients the confidence to carry on.

If you would like to volunteer, or if you know of someone who may need our help, please call 020 8455 4996, or email:          Paperweight Trust logo

Reform Synagogue Women

THE MOVEMENT FOR REFORM JUDAISM  Reform Synagogue Women (formerly the RSGB Association of  Women’s Guilds) aimed to bring together women in the Reform Movement to  further the understanding and practice of Judaism amongst its members, to exchange ideas and information, to work for inter-racial, interfaith and  communal harmony and to promote the welfare of the needy in their own and the wider communities.    A week used to be set aside each year to raise money for youth and education and to support the Leo Baeck College.   Within the last few years, with women having assumed more active and leadership roles in their synagogues and in the Movement, Guilds no longer exist but Reform women still wish to retain their contacts with other  women’s organisations.

United Synagogue Women

USWomenUS Women connects female members of the United Synagogue through a variety of religious, educational and social programmes. US Women supports women in leadership roles, engaging with them through cultural and communal activities, ensuring they feel valued and connected with US life whilst enhancing their relationship with Judaism.



The Women’s International Zionist Organisation  today boasts 250,000 members in 50 countries. WIZOuk helps to support over 650 institutions and services in Israel including day care centres and youth clubs. Services include legal advice bureaux; day centres; family centres; help for families suffering violence; Hebrew classes for elderly new immigrants and all women’s issues.    WIZOUK_logo