Welcome to AJWO

The Association of Jewish Women’s Organisations in the United Kingdom, founded in 1965, provides a forum for promoting unity and understanding among Jewish women of differing shades of opinion, and encouraging them to deliberate on matters of common interest and concern.

It encourages them to seek wider representation on communal bodies. It also acts as a source of information, collating and circulating that information among its member organizations and, if necessary, making public statements or taking common action.

Its Affiliate members are national Jewish women’s organisations in the UK and the national women’s sections of international Jewish organisations. Officers are elected from the representatives of each member organisation.

AJWO is represented on the Board of Deputies of British Jews and the National Council of Women of Great Britain.

Committee (elected November 2017)
Co-chairs :    Laura Marks (Reform Judaism)
                            Deborah Nathan (British Emunah)
Hon. Treasurer: Helen Reisman (WizoUK)